Our Caring Team

Our employees make a powerful and long lasting contribution to enhancing our service users' lives - which is why we train them to understand - and meet - their every need.

Because Emerald Care Services has been delivering person centred care for people with learning difficulties and behaviours that challenge for over a decade, we seek out the right staff to provide top quality support. All staff are expected to have a minimum requirement of a Diploma level 2 in social care and receive specialist training.


Our comprehensive training programmes equip our staff with the knowledge, understanding and appreciation that the smallest things in life for those we care for - such as eating out of a particular bowl to expressing themselves in unique ways like hand signals or shaking objects - are vital.

We encourage contributions and creativity from our staff which further enhances the quality of our person centred care. Our regular meetings with parents reassure them that their loved ones are enjoying a normal, healthy life where their smallest concerns are dealt with - and where they enjoy fulfilling activities.

Valuing service users and their uniqueness in a safe, caring and fun environment


Supporting and nurturing service users is what makes Pennine View Manager Jackie Osguthorpe tick.

Says Jackie: "As a forward thinking care provider, Emerald Care values its service users and their uniqueness. We genuinely care for people, enabling them to reach their full potential - and promote community integration."

Volunteering and forging strong links with learning disability networks from a young age, Jackie joined Emerald Care Services in 2012 with over two decades of experience in the health and social care sector.

Jackie has amassed extensive expertise across the public and private sector in roles spanning care worker, respite worker, residential social worker - and Deputy Manager at a group of homes supporting adults with learning disabilities and/or mental health problems.

No one day is ever the same for Jackie and her fellow managers, deputies and support staff at Emerald Care Services - and every minute of every day is focused on delivering person centred care based around service users' needs.

Explains Jackie: "Michael, a loving affectionate young man, is usually first up and buzzing about, wanting breakfast and his Toy Story DVD. We might then sing a song or recite a nursery rhyme, play darts or watch a game show - whatever activity Michael wants. Sometimes he asks for "eti ump" meaning he wants to go back to bed for an hour. We help him to do this himself and wake him up an hour later for his bath/personal care support.

"Next up is James - a young man requiring continuous motivation and praise and who constantly asks questions about what his day entails, what you had for tea and did last night, who is where today and what are they doing - and who is supporting him today. Unlike Michael, James can make his own breakfast and showers and dress with minimum support before embarking on community activities where is taken by car or public transport as part of his weekly planner.

Jackie derives immense satisfaction from seeing the service users she and her team supports achieve small goals, experience a good quality of life - and be happy and settled with staff.

"Knowing that we provide a caring, safe and fun environment where we make a positive difference means everything to me. Our staff are renowned and respected for going that "extra mile" to support people in our services in many ways.

"Our team are caring individuals who work under immense pressures at times yet the well-being of the people they support is always at the forefront of their minds - even during or after particularly challenging episodes of aggressive behaviours.

"I believe the culture of a staff team and having a strong role model in our Management Team around them are vital in supporting, developing and sustaining the dedicated care we deliver 365 days a year."

Committed to making a real difference


Having been a chef for 27 years, manager Sue Simms made the transition into the care industry after her granddaughter Bryoney was diagnosed with autism and global learning difficulties.

Sue's angst and concern at her granddaughter's frustration caused by her inability to communicate sparked her passion to 'put something back' and make a difference to the lives of the service users through Emerald Care Services person centred care ethos.

Recalls Sue: "As a family we saw Bryoney struggle to communicate until she was three and a half- frequently becoming aggressive because of her frustration in being unable to express herself.

The turning point came when Bryoney attended the Hilltop School in Maltby where learning macaton sign language enabled her to communicate her needs such as wanting to go to the toilet. The specialist teaching and learning has dramatically improved Bryoney's quality of life."

The first Support Worker at St Paul's, Sue came on board in January 2007 after three years' experience gained with a care provider specialising in autism and learning difficulties.

Fast forwardand and Sue, who has been promoted to Manager, remains a big champion of Emerald Care Services person centred care ethos.
Adds Sue: "Having seen how large groups of service users living together can trigger difficult behaviour, at Emerald Care Services we work with small, select groups of two or three service users who are extremely supportive of each other.

"My role is both 'stimulating and challenging', and we have a close knit, dedicated team who are truly committed to making a difference for our service users and working with them on a fantastic range of activities. I really love my job here."

Patrick Roche - Chairman, Founder, CEO

Patrick Roche Official Photo.jpg

Patrick Roche qualified as a pharmacist over 30 years ago from Sunderland University. In 1986 Patrick co-built a pharmaceutical chain of 38 pharmacies named Medimart Limited that was sold in 1995.

In 1995 Patrick started Roche Healthcare Ltd. with one home. Since then the company has expanded and now has seven care homes for the elderly, two retirement developments, a training facility for nursing and care staff and domiciliary care for care in the community.

Steve Hare - Managing Director


Emerald Care Services Managing Director Steve Hare has amassed two decades of expertise and a powerful track record in the care industry with organisations spanning Bupa Care Homes and CLS.

An FCA qualified Accountant; Steve’s roles have included Financial Controller of BUPA Care Services – the largest provider of residential and nursing care in the UK where he managed all aspects of financial control, reporting, forecasting and management and statutory accounting for 18 companies with 75 staff. Steve was likewise a key member of the team which led the £235m securitisation of 116 homes and subsequent reporting and attendance at off shore Board meetings.