Driving Up Quality Code

We in the care sector should always be concerned about providing the highest quality of care or support. It is distressing to hear about such poor practices as Winterbourne View, which although followed up by prosecutions, closure and Government committees, bad memories disappear into the background. As do good intentions.

The Driving Up Quality Code is a voluntary code of conduct it was created by the Driving Up Quality Alliance, made up of national member organisations that collectively represent 80% of all learning disability service providers in the country. It was developed by people with learning disabilities, their families, housing and support providers, regulators and commissioners and was launched in September 2013.

Most importantly the code establishes a framework for providers to evaluate their performance against a shared set of expectations of what quality means.

It sets out five key standards for learning disability care; these include things like, ‘focussing support on the person’ and ‘supporting the individual to lead an ordinary and meaningful life’.

Key to the code is that it requires providers to publicly declare their findings and set out their commitments for improving what they do and how they do it. Organisations that sign up to the Driving Up Quality Code are expected to assess themselves annually and publish what they find, with an action plan for improvement.

Emerald Care Services has signed up to the Driving Up Quality Code.

We are currently planning our self-assessment process. We will gather together people from all parts of Emerald - people we support, their families and supporters, and staff members at all levels.

We will keep you up to date with our progress via this page.

Steve Hare
Managing Director