Why Choose Us

Emerald Care Services makes a real difference to the lives of our service users. Our commitment to consistently driving up quality care standards - coupled with our person centred care ethos - puts our service users firmly in control.

Transparent about how we operate, we don't just talk about the importance of person centred care; we deliver it day in and day out.

Every decision we make is focused on benefiting our service users who, along with their families, play a key role in deciding fulfilling activities they enjoy, their personal plans based on their individual needs - and the short and long term aim of these plans.

It's likewise not just our staff and managers at Emerald Care Services who set and monitor quality standards - our service users and their families also play a key role in monitoring the quality of support we provide.

This is reinforced in our annual questionnaire which is sent out too all the relatives of our service users across Station House, Pennine View, St Pauls, Domiciliary care and outreach. The results from our latest survey highlight that 78% of responses rated us as excellent or good - with excellent scores received in the key areas of communication, premises, personal care and confidence. Alighted with our ethos of continuous improvement, we always take feedback on board and seek out ways to further enhance the quality of care we provide.

Accountable and ethical we welcome you to review reports from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who inspect our homes. But don't take our word for it - find out why at first hand how we make a difference from the people who really count. We invite you to have a look at our results:


"We believe that Michael's lifestyle has improved greatly since the change of ownership. Steve, Jackie and the entire team involve us in all aspects of Michael's care plan."
Joe Daley - father of service user

"We are still pleased with the care for Phil, considering the change in staff over the past months. - keep up the good work."
Mr and Mrs Prosser - parents

"Everything's fine for Matty, we think he's really well catered for."
K Evans - mother

"It's a strange feeling to be made redundant but it's also a wonderful one, once you accept it. Station House is his home - mine is where the old man lives."
Terry Magrs, father

Relishing wide-ranging activities


Forty year old Paul Magrs has lived his life to the full at Station House since 2006 - reinforcing Emerald Care Services' philosophy to encourage service users to open up their lives to new experiences.

Paul, who has learning difficulties, is a keen baker and cooks up a storm - often rustling up delicious Spanish and Indian meals for the appreciative team at Station House.

An avid collector of recipes from the far flung corners of the globe, Paul has served staff unusual dishes such as curries with chocolate which go down a treat.

His wide-ranging hobbies also include ten pin bowling, making tapestries, checking out the latest loom bands - not to mention his ever growing collection of dogs and cats.

Paul also enjoys visiting pubs and sampling food for a variety of restaurants with his dad Terry and his friends.

Paul's raft of achievements over the last six years include losing six stone and enjoying a healthier life style, diet and higher fitness levels thanks to a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities which include walking, swimming and working out at the gym.

Paul's friends, family and staff at Emerald Care Services continue to be delighted with his fantastic progress and zest for life.

Benefiting from the expertise of multi-disciplinary teams


Creating story books is a technique which is helping Andrew to overcome challenges with making transitions from ending one particular action and moving on to something new.

Andrew has autism and learning difficulties - also suffering from extreme anxiety. Residing with foster parents since the age of four, he has lived at St Paul's since 2008.

Emerald Care Services integrates the latest thinking, techniques and best practice to Andrew's care plan by working closely and meeting regularly with multi-disciplinary teams spanning social services, psychologists, speech therapists, behavioural and voice specialists.

The storybook activity entails Andrew taking photographs of sequences of his activities on his iPad. This can entail transitions such as leaving St Paul's and getting into a vehicle or, leaving the vehicle to return to St Paul's after being out.

Capturing various stages of the sequence of activities on camera, printing them off and encapsulating them in the story book is reducing Andrew's level of anxiety and helping him to understand that such transitions in activities are normal. The Emerald Care Services team also diffuse his unease by giving him a rousing welcome.

Once out, Andrew enjoys being in the fresh air - walking dogs at a local animal sanctuary, visiting the donkeys and other animals at the farm at Graves Park and Rother Valley Country Park.

As well as riding his bike around the area and watching the latest boy bands on DVDs, Andrew loves going on holiday to Butlins at Cleethorpes where he is engrossed in the slot machines and absorbed in the shows.

A major milestone has seen Emerald Care Services set the wheels in motion to reunite Andrew with his sister who has learning difficulties and autism and is in assisted living. Brother and sister now enjoy going for a meal and shopping in Meadowhall.

Christmas continues to bring some magical moments for Andrew, who still believes in Santa Claus. The Emerald Care Services team wrap his presents under the tree and savour the enjoyment and happiness on his face when he excitedly opens them on Christmas morning.

Branching out and forging friendships


Having moved out of home six years to embark on the next stage of his life, David has made new friends and is broadening his social activities - so much so that he is rarely in!

David, who lives at St Pauls, is autistic, has learning difficulties and displays challenging behaviours.

The team at Emerald Care Services have witnessed a dramatic difference in his demeanour, behaviour - and sense of well-being after devising and implementing an individual care plan based on David's needs - and developed with his family and social services.

Whereas David consistently cancelled planned outings at the very last minute when he was at home, he now attends day centre Monday to Friday every week where he gets stuck into some activities at the centre's allotments.

Over the last few years David and Andrew - who also lives at St Paul's - have become good friends. They go ten pin bowling together as well as shopping, walking, bike riding, visiting the local disco and pubs and swimming.

David sees his family regularly and enjoys spending Christmas with them. Like Andrew, he looks forward immensely to his holidays at Butlins in Cleethorpes enjoys the wide ranging and fun activities.

Achieving goals no one thought possible


Michael, a vivacious, fun loving 28 year old with an insatiable appetite for plain pasta and Toy Story, also lived with his family before embarking on the next stage of his life.

His progress has been described as 'truly amazing' and his journey - from being reluctant to venture outside Pennine View to gradually being introduced to new environments - has been transformational.
Emerald Care Services staff recognise that routine is critical to Michael's development - illustrated by him asking for his Toy Story DVD to be played as soon as he wakes up - and squealing with excitement daily at one particular section of the movie.

Singing songs to the support team at Emerald Care Services is among his favourite pastimes - as is reciting nursery rhymes where he loves to exaggerate certain vowels. Michael is also fascinated by washing machines - avidly watching the clothes spinning round and listening to the whirring sounds.

After singing, Michael's second biggest motivator is devouring plain pasta which he would eat day in, day out, if allowed to. Watching games shows on Challenge TV gives him pleasure - particularly Bullseye when he recites "are you ready - "let's play darts" after the presenter.

Going to McDonalds with his dad is likewise a big favourite - and he loves listening to music. A series of powerful milestones in Michael's development now see him going out in the car twice a day, being in the garden - and going on holiday for the second consecutive year.

Always supported by two staff from Emerald Care Services when out in the community, Michael's achievements also extend to inside Pennine View where he now helps with some daily living tasks like bringing his wash basket into the kitchen, putting his bowl in the sink after eating, and striving to say more words.

Everyone involved in Michael's development is delighted and inspired by his progress.